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We are a team of independent advisors and partners that share the “smart mobility” vision: SIMTUR is a Rome-based non-profit organization driven by the belief that mobility transform cities and cities transform the world.
We work internationally with professionals, governments and non-profits to initiate and scale breakthrough ideas around “smart mobility”.
With the “new normal”, the time of the “new mobility” has arrived. Are cities prepared?
SIMTUR offers a rapid transformation process to those cities that are ready to make the shift, triggering equitable economic, social, and health benefits while contributing to flattening the curve on climate change. Do you find it interesting?

All Routes lead to Rome

The “All Routes lead to Rome” Meeting shows the work of international planners, from all corners of the globe. It shows that cities that put ecomobility at the heart of urban design unlock massive social, economic and environmental gains.

SIMTUR International Network looks forward to welcoming you to the Annual Conference in the City of Rome in Italy on October 23 – November 08, 2020.
2020 Conference theme is “Smart Mobility, Smart Travel, Smart Life”. SIMTUR invites submissions for the 2020 Annual Conference.

Registration to the online conferences and seminars is now open until August 31st.


We are asking all conference participants to consider whether they can support SIMTUR and the conference hosts by paying the same fees as for the onsite conference. We hope that this will be possible for some people and institutions, considering there are no longer any travel or accommodation costs. This will help us to cover the costs of hosting an online conference and help to support others to be part of this event.


This category the covers the organising cost for participating in an online conference.


We appreciate that conference fees are a major cost for many people, for a number of reasons. We are therefore offering a fee of €50 for those who cannot afford the full prices. We ask people to only select this option if they really cannot afford to take part otherwise.

Conference supporter rate for non-SIMTUR members €300
Conference supporter rate for SIMTUR members €200
Standard rate for non-SIMTUR members €150
Standard rate  for SIMTUR members €100
Supported rate €50


Be the change you want to see in the world!
The best time to plant a forest was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.
Then why wasn’t it planted 20 years ago? Perhaps because it is only today that masses of young people are starting to wake up and realise that it is their and their children’s life, health and happiness that is at stake in the very near future. Nowadays, more and more people change their daily habits in order to take better care of our planet and to repair the damage caused by decades of environmental exploitation.
Twenty years ago, we did not have a mass movement against climate change.

In our view, eco-conscious young people and devoted citizens represent power; with perseverance, together we have the potential to change the planetary scenario for a better future for all living beings.
In this process, every action matters. I do want to stress here that we all can take individual and concrete action to steer our planet towards the better future we aim for and to avoid repeating past mistakes.

We, active members/participants and citizens, beyond pressuring governments and corporations should also lead by example. It is paramount that we (meaning you and I) spearhead the change with our everyday deeds and choices.
Therefore, we count on your help to support the petition to testify to our shared determination. Our effort would inspire similar initiatives and can act as an accelerator for local communities.
Thank you all for your contribution!

the petition



Human-centered mobility to achieve a zero impact!


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Together, let’s build a cleaner, safer and greener future for everyone!